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Learning at MSQPS – A Dynamic Educational Approach

MSQPS offers classes from KG 2 (4.5-6 years) up to Grade 12 (High School) in a dynamic educational environment combining classroom theoretical teaching methods with project-based, self-experimental methods using modern technology tools and techniques.

The school follows a bilingual curriculum, where three subjects are taught in Arabic (Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies) with the syllabus of the Ministry of Education, while the other three subjects being taught in the English language (English, Science, Mathematics) with the syllabus of well-known educational publishing agencies such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Technology use is a must at MSQPS, where all classes are equipped with overhead projectors, used by teachers to present the lessons combined with appropriate teaching tools for each subject. Additionally, other school facilities like libraries, smart boards, and science labs are used according to the specific lesson plan experiments to be carried out. Reading is encouraged at MSQPS throughout all age groups and grades, taking advantage of all the three libraries at the school.

Field trips to educational centers in the country further emphasize and assist in reaching the theoretical concepts to our students. Some of the educational centers our students visit include The Science Museum, The National Museum, The Royal Opera House, The PDO Planetarium, The Children’s Public Library, etc.

Learning through STEM at MSQPS - Access to 4th Industrial Revolution skills

With the 4th Industrial Revolution taking place, the school has introduced the STEM methodology in Academic Year 2020/2021. STEM is an educational approach that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in which students learn in a practical way through experience, problem-solving, projects, and scientific research.

STEM is an educational approach that seeks to help students develop a deep scientific base to gain 21st-century skills and prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution. This approach develops logical and critical thinking skills, teamwork, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives through classroom and extra-curricular learning.

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Learning through Activities at MSQPS – Essential to build Social Life Skills, Teamwork, and Creativity

All students are exposed to a variety of activities through mandatory classes for all grades and optional activity classes offered once a week to students from Grades 5 to 12. The mandatory activities include Arts, Music, Sports (P.E.), Computer Studies (ITC), and Life Skills/ Emotional Intelligence/ Entrepreneurship Skills.

The school’s Music team performs mainly in the year-end Graduation party in addition to performing in many different events that take place in the school throughout the year and in daily morning assembly sessions. The Arts team creates beautiful artwork that is presented in various art exhibitions within the school and outside. The P.E. teams (football, basketball, etc.) participate and win in many competitions held between schools in Oman.

Moreover, the school holds events such as English Day, Science Day, Arabic Day, Social Studies Day, Environment Day, Math Competition, etc. where creative projects are carried out by students for each event and enters into competition. The School also participates in the Annual Quran Competition held by the Ministry of Education.

The school is looking into adding some specific activities that enhance thinking methodology for younger students by playing from Grade 1-4 in the near future, such as Chess board game.

Also, the activity of Robotics has been introduced in the school three years ago as an optional activity to enhance the technological creativity skills of students through the use of Lego Educational instruments (considered part of STEM Learning).