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About Us

About Us

Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos Private School (MSQPS) is a pioneer leading bilingual school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education with a unique experience in the private education landscape in Oman for over three decades. The School is located in the Madinat Al-Sultan Qaboos area and is committed to providing quality lifelong learning education to over 500 students from KG1 to Grade 12.


The journey of our academic success started in 1987, when Dr. Salwa Abdul Ameer, the pioneer in the education sector in Oman, founded MADINAT Al Sultan Qaboos Private School in the heart of the city of Muscat, the distinctive area, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, where she has put all her experience as a teacher and a school principal in the Ministry of Education. This school was built to thrive and to be exceptional, for more than three decades of excellence. With an exceptional Alumni, and an inspiration to our students, the status of our school in the society is now a reflection of the outstanding constant quality education students receive. There are different mottos that make us distinctive and that marked our journey in education, worth mentioning is the excellent academic achievement and the number of scholarships gained by our graduates, together with one of a kind discipline policy, however, we are continuing the journey of success by offering a student-centered, values-driven and future-oriented education in a fast-changing world.


The journey to be exceptional continues


With the 21st century fast-changing world, we aspire to be exceptional by inspiring students to learn and empowering them for life. This is premised on delivering a holistic education, anchored on sound character development and values inculcation, to prepare our pupils to excel in a fast-changing and highly connected world. At the same time, our focus needs to be on nurturing the future-oriented child so that our pupils can possess lifelong competencies like innovative thinking, communication skills, problem-solving, and resilience to take full advantage of opportunities in a globalized world. This calls for us to place important emphasis on imparting both skills and competencies and to teach well-being, and for our pupils to gain greater insights into the self as an agent for change and knowledge creation in their beloved country Oman and the world. To this end, we have embarked on the journey to explore how innovative, values bound, positive education can guide us in improving and developing learning-teaching practices, designing our curriculum, and shaping our school culture and overall strategic directions to meet the Oman 2040 vision



What makes our school special?

  • Exceptional academic achievement since 1987.
  • An outstanding number of scholarships to the best universities in the world achieved by our school graduates.
  • Distinguished discipline policy.
  • Separate classrooms and sections for boys and girls from Grade 4.
  • Consistent high-quality teaching and learning, accredited by IAO, the American International Accreditation Organization.
  • Passionate, outstanding educators.
  • Continuous professional development to meet the latest education requirements.
  • Educational Portal (Classera) for all students and parents from Grade 1 to 12.
  • Rich extra-curricular activities.
  • STEM / Innovation Center / Robotics Club.
  • Balanced international education and local culture.

Founder’s Message

Starting my career as a teacher and then school principal over the past years, my main goal is spreading education in my country at the best quality level, using the modern methods in teaching students and reaching the knowledge to them in a joyful and creative environment that enhances their analytical thinking and add to their various life and social skills.

After over 30 years of establishment, I can confidently say that MSQPS is offering one of the best educational learning environments in the country, proven with the excellent scores of our Grade 12 graduates every year.

I encourage all MSQPS students to take full advantage of all the provided educational resources and human resources (in terms of teachers) to add to their knowledge and skills to be best suited for their further higher university studies and outstand in their future careers, participating positively in the continuous development of our country Oman.

Dr. Salwa AbdulAmir Sultan
MSQPS Founder & Owner

Principal's Message

Welcome to MSQPS, where every learner matters

It gives us great pleasure that you have taken the time to visit our website, hope you find it user-friendly and informative. At MSQPS, we are proud of our school and we value every member of our learning community. As with the positive constructive partnership with parents, students, teachers, and the whole school community, we have always provided a safe yet dynamic learning environment that inspires innovation and enables achieving academic and social success.

In the Oman Vision 2040, it is stated that “We should spare no effort to build for our future generations and reinforce the bright and unique march towards the future. We move forward with confidence.’’ So we do at MSQPS, this ambitious vision reflects our principles and the objectives of our strategic plan which is built on our strong foundation and our future vision of unique distinguished knowledge-based outcomes armed with 21st-century skills that guarantee lifelong learning. We are determined to provide our students with the highest quality education, latest technology, outstanding learning experience through excellent teaching, holistic exceptional care, mentorship, and a safe learning environment.

We take responsibility that every learner regardless of their abilities, can reach his/ her fullest potential and mark the future of Oman and the fast-changing world.

As always, you are welcome to visit our school and get to meet our great staff.

Afef Sayhi
MSQPS Principal

Mission, Vision and Values


MSQPS is committed to providing a quality bilingual program that ensures academic success by offering a holistic, values-driven, and future-oriented education through differentiated instructions. We adopt a student-centered approach inside our classrooms and place emphasis on innovative, active, and cooperative learning strategies. Our focus on life skills is to ensure that our life-long learners gain a unique character, practice ethical behavior, think critically to solve problems, and engage in real-life learning experiences. At MSQPS, we value family-school partnership by giving voice to each school community member to make valuable contributions. 




“Inspiring students to learn, Empowering them for life”


Core Values